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The Cultus Lake Project is an diving community based research study designed with the purpose of increasing our understanding of the underwater topography, biology and habitat of Cultus Lake; and to increase the current knowledge base in regards to Cottus sp., the Cultus Pygmy Sculpin. The project has three main areas of focus:

  • To explore possible dive sites within the lake, record the topography, and create a comprehensive diving guide for future use.

  • To increase the current knowledge base in regards to the habitat and behavior of the Cultus Pygmy Sculpin (Cottus aleuticus cultus population), a Commitee on the Status of Endangered wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC), and Federal Species at Risk Act, designated threatened species. This will be accomplished by non invasive observation at various regions within the lake and by identifying and monitoring potential nesting and spawning sites.

  • To provide the opportunity for members of the local diving fraternity to enhance their underwater experience by participating in a meaningful research project. This project is designed to be an entry level opportunity that allows divers to become actively involved in a stewardship program within their own community.

Local divers and other interested community members are encouraged to join the Cultus Lake Project by contacting the project coordinator and participating in research dives as part of our ongoing data collection process. And, by learning more about Canadian species at risk, their habitats, and ways in which we can protect them.